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Microsoft Word Level 2 Training

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Microsoft Word Level 2 Training
Microsoft Word Level 2 Training
About Microsoft Word Level 2 Training:
At a Glance
Certification: Microsoft Word Level 2 Certification (Intermediate) Location: Gauteng, National Duration: 1 Day Time: 09:00 - 16:00 Conferencing: Included Target Group: This course was designed for persons who can create and modify standard business documents in Microsoft Word, and who need to learn how to use Microsoft Word to create or modify complex business documents as well as customized Word efficiency tools. It will be helpful for persons preparing for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exams for Microsoft Word Pre-Assessment: On request Minimum Experience: Students should be able to use Microsoft Word to create, edit, format, save, and print basic business documents that contain text, basic tables, and simple graphics. Students can obtain this level of skill by taking the following Tremendis Microsoft Word Training:
  • Microsoft Office Word: Level 1
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